Pet Food Sack

Pet food bags is our factory a superior product,Perfect printing and high-quality weaving bags

because we understands the needs of packaging pet food and treats. We offer stock and custom printed laminated packaging for dry pet food, nutritional supplements and pet treats.

pet food plastic bag when this package is filled with product – allowing for an ideal shape for filling, palletizing and retailing.   bag pet food under 10lbs are marketed standing up, larg pet food bag over 10lbs are marketed laying flat.

This helps the pet food pp woven sack hold its shape on the shelf.  Also, with the absence of a back seal, you can enjoy uninterrupted front and back panels for greater full graphics.

our pet food bag packag, allows: 30cm-75cm width.

length:as customer demand

fabric thickness:55g/m2-130g/m2

Following is our factory picture show:

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